Sunday, October 7, 2012

Traveling with Baby

As some of you may know, we are participating in the Traveling with Baby Giveaway Hop hosted by So Easy Being Green and According to Jenny, and sponsored by the GreenPath Baby Cloth Diapering Store.  Coincidentally, two weeks ago, our family decided to go on a vacation to the good'ol midwest with our two kids in tow, so needless to say, this was perfect timing to post on this topic!  Aside from the lack of sleep, I must say that I was pleasantly surprised at how smoothly this trip went.  Dragging baby around town is difficult enough, so when we decided to go on this trip, I was genuinely concerned with exactly WHAT to bring to make our trip easier.  We had to fly and stay with relatives in Illinois and Indiana, which meant taking a flight and also driving for about 4 hours.  I packed all of our suitcases and decided to go bare-bones with the baby stuff.  I checked the car seat and the snap-n-go and basically had the baby attached to me the whole time.  This was perhaps the best thing for us, because chasing a 3 year old through the airport required my full attention (and both of my hands!!!)  So having the baby on me was awesome.  I didn't have to fuss with the umbrella stroller through the airport foot traffic and going through security was a breeze.  I didn't have to take the baby out of the K'tan, I just walked with him attached to me right through the metal detector, allowing me to focus on the 3 year old trying to put his shoes back on.  My Petunia Pickle Bottom Boxy Backpack diaper bag (which can convert from a traditional diaper bag into a backpack) was opened by security because I forgot to remove the baby food and the formula (oopsy!).  And after it was thoroughly searched, I was able to grab it, strap it onto my back and go on to find our gate.  Surprisingly, through all of this commotion, the baby was able to fall asleep on my chest and when we got on the plane, I found my seat and just strapped the seatbelt on to my waist.  Halfway through the flight, he woke up happy and contented and played with grandma and grandpa...he did so well! I was so proud of my little one!   
Having the baby attached to my chest kept me calm and gave me a great sense of relief.  I am not a huge fan of flying and having that little human being breathing in and cuddling up safely next to me made me so calm-I could fly all day!  Nursing on the plane kept the baby calm and provided him with some relief from the ear popping torture.  Getting off the plane was also not a big deal, I just strapped the baby back on the carrier and walked out onto the baggage claim to get his car seat.  Off we went to our destination.  All in all we had a really great trip-no major meltdowns or headaches!  I was so relieved!  All of us had fun and actually enjoyed our vacation, even with two small children in tow!

Have you traveled with baby?  How was your experience?  

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  1. My Ergo was such a life saver when flying with son. You really need the hands free ability when traveling (anywhere... by plane, car, or foot)

  2. I just recently used a Baby K'Tan for some day trips and it was a life saver. I really love babywearing when chasing my toddler!

  3. That sounds like the easiest trip ever! Good for you! Carriers are awesome during traveling, especially if you have another little one to chase.