Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Green Christmas Gift Giveaway Hop

Green Christmas Giveaway
Welcome to the Green Christmas Giveaway Hop, hosted by Happy Mothering, Going Green with Grizls and The Reynolds Mom. 50+ members of the Green Moms Network have come together to offer you tons of chances to win green-themed Christmas gifts! There’s sure to be something for everyone on your list. We hope you’ll discover some great new brands to add to your Christmas list too!  If you read our post yesterday, we reviewed a Lalabye Baby Bamboo Pocket Cloth Diaper.  Well, if you love cloth diapers and would like to get your hands on this fluffy gift, just enter or giveaway!  You can also win a CJ's BUTTer Bug Banisher to keep your baby free of bugs!  This prize pack is valued at $30.  Don't forget to enter the HUGE grand prize pack from our hosts! Click here for your chance to enter 5 fabulous grand prizes!  Good luck!

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Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Lalabye Baby Cloth Diaper Review and Giveaway!

I love finding new diapers. I mean LOVE. I also love WAHMs. I also love bamboo. So this review is a shoe-in for me! I first found out about Lalabye Baby cloth diapers through the social Mecca know as Facebook. Melissa Huynh, the owner of Lalabye Baby is a local South Florida mom with a passion for cloth diapering. She started Lalabye Baby because she wanted to create a diaper that had fantastic fit, great absorbency, and a great price too! I received my little grey bamboo pocket last week, and upon opening the package, I was struck by how pretty this diaper is. The front has multi-color snaps giving the diaper a playful quality which I love! But the thing that really stood out for me was the inside if this diaper. It is a traditional pocket diaper that comes with two bamboo inserts that snap to one another, and then to the diaper. Now if you are not familiar with bamboo as diaper inserts, I beg you to get some to try. Bamboo is an amazing material that makes thirsty fabric which sucks up any moisture in sight and holds no stink (unlike microfiber). This stuff is incredible. Which is why I was so impressed with Melissa for choosing this particular type of insert for her diapers. Once the bamboo snaps to the diaper, you have the choice to tuck it inside the pocket so that your baby has the stay dry material against his skin (like a traditional pocket diaper), or you can keep the bamboo inserts on top of the diaper pocket, so that the baby has the natural fiber against his/her skin.

 This is particularly great for babies who have really really sensitive skin and do better with natural fibers. For my little guy, I used the inserts inside the pocket.  This diaper is so trim!  And the fit is absolutely amazing.  I was able to let the baby wear the diaper with his little pants and there was no bulky butt.  He was so comfortable wearing these.  They fit wonderfully around the legs, and they have my preferred (and easier) snap design with one snap on the outside front to prevent wing droop, and two rows of snaps on the very front of the diaper.  We washed the inserts three times, which is not really a complete prep for bamboo, but we had no leaks whatsoever. Horray! The little guy was happy and comfortable! Overall, I was beyond impressed with this diaper, especially with it's great design and great price!  At $14.95, this is one of the best fitting diapers I've tried in this price range.  But beyond the diaper itself, I am happy that cloth diapering is starting to come to light in South Florida.  This is thanks to a lot of women who like Melissa, have a passion for innovation and education.What a wonderful way to impact your community, family, and the environment.  Want to try a Lalabye Baby cloth diaper for yourself?  Enter our Green Christmas Gift Giveaway Hop starting November 28th!

Photo Credit: Maggie Rashwan

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Wordless Wednesdays-11/14/12

Mild weather makes for wonderful days at the playground!  We have been out and about almost every single day this week.  So for my Wordless Wednesday post, a simple picture of a quiet time amidst a really, really busy life!

Friday, November 9, 2012

Rumparooz G2 Product Review and Absorbency Test

It's been a while since our last cloth diaper review. I made myself a promise that I would get through my stash list and actually review all of the diapers I own. That being said...I own 7 Rumparooz so they account for  a good part of my stash. I have to say that when I first started cloth diapering one of the things that really appealed was not necessarily the functionality of the diaper, but the cute designs on them. My first purchase after my initial diaper trial was the kangarooz diaper by Rumparooz. I literally got really happy every time I used it on my little guy. The first thing you notice right off the bat with these diapers before you even open the package up is how beautifully smooth the texture of the fabric on the outside is. Rumparooz uses 1000 thread count fabric on their diapers...amazing. The second thing you notice on the outside are the adorable prints. They literally have the best designs. Especially for the little boy diapers. If you have a boy, you probably know that every single store carries tons of adorable stuff for girls and only a fraction of the cute fluff for boys, so it's really refreshing to see some cute boy stuff for a change! The Robotronic print is to die for, and the Ladder 6 is my older son's favorite diaper-he asks me to put it on baby every single time he sees it. But it gets better. The inside of this diaper is cloud soft, and it has double gussets which keep all of the messes you can tell I absolutely love these! These are pocket diapers with stay dry no-pill microchamois on the inside, and the diapers come with two insets that snap to one another, making the diaper super thirsty. For the absorbency test, I used one cup of warm water and soaked the diaper.  Right away the water sank into the diaper, the stay-dry portion of the diaper was wet at first, and as the water moved it's way down to the inserts the top layer became less wet.  As I pressed down on the diaper a bit of the water came back up-I noticed that at this point if your baby peed a cup of water (you would have to take him to the compression leaks would happen.  Normally though, for regular, slow building urine, I think the diaper would do just fine because it would soak up the liquid slowly.  I asolutely LOVE this diaper.  The double gussets hold everything in so well.  I have never had a blow-out with this diaper.  It is super stretchy and really great for small babies and large ones as well.  I find myself reaching for it if they're clean every. single. time.  Here is my little one modeling it!

Baby wearing Rumparooz G2 in Gumball Aplix

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Wordless Wednesday!!

For this Wordless Wednesday post, I will leave you with this pic...a semi-crunchy momma's pride and joy.  A little bum shot of my little guy wearing his cloth diapers playing with his older brother's toys.  I'm in love!