Friday, November 9, 2012

Rumparooz G2 Product Review and Absorbency Test

It's been a while since our last cloth diaper review. I made myself a promise that I would get through my stash list and actually review all of the diapers I own. That being said...I own 7 Rumparooz so they account for  a good part of my stash. I have to say that when I first started cloth diapering one of the things that really appealed was not necessarily the functionality of the diaper, but the cute designs on them. My first purchase after my initial diaper trial was the kangarooz diaper by Rumparooz. I literally got really happy every time I used it on my little guy. The first thing you notice right off the bat with these diapers before you even open the package up is how beautifully smooth the texture of the fabric on the outside is. Rumparooz uses 1000 thread count fabric on their diapers...amazing. The second thing you notice on the outside are the adorable prints. They literally have the best designs. Especially for the little boy diapers. If you have a boy, you probably know that every single store carries tons of adorable stuff for girls and only a fraction of the cute fluff for boys, so it's really refreshing to see some cute boy stuff for a change! The Robotronic print is to die for, and the Ladder 6 is my older son's favorite diaper-he asks me to put it on baby every single time he sees it. But it gets better. The inside of this diaper is cloud soft, and it has double gussets which keep all of the messes you can tell I absolutely love these! These are pocket diapers with stay dry no-pill microchamois on the inside, and the diapers come with two insets that snap to one another, making the diaper super thirsty. For the absorbency test, I used one cup of warm water and soaked the diaper.  Right away the water sank into the diaper, the stay-dry portion of the diaper was wet at first, and as the water moved it's way down to the inserts the top layer became less wet.  As I pressed down on the diaper a bit of the water came back up-I noticed that at this point if your baby peed a cup of water (you would have to take him to the compression leaks would happen.  Normally though, for regular, slow building urine, I think the diaper would do just fine because it would soak up the liquid slowly.  I asolutely LOVE this diaper.  The double gussets hold everything in so well.  I have never had a blow-out with this diaper.  It is super stretchy and really great for small babies and large ones as well.  I find myself reaching for it if they're clean every. single. time.  Here is my little one modeling it!

Baby wearing Rumparooz G2 in Gumball Aplix

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