Tuesday, November 5, 2013

#schoolofcloth The Basics

In case you didn't know, November is a great month for #clothdiapers.  GreenPath Baby Cloth Diapers has partnered up with the RDA (Real Diaper Association) to provide classes for a month long initiative to introduce cloth diapers to new parents!  Join as this month as we post links, giveaways, and share valuable info on all things cloth diapers!  

I remember the excitement of trying something new and not quite knowing if it was going to work or not when I first started cloth diapering my brand new baby boy.  I had butterflies in my stomach..."is this the right decision for my baby?" I wondered...5 years later, the apprehension seems almost comical, especially considering the obvious benefits:
  • No chemical exposure to Dioxins and SAPs
  • Economical
  • Less rashes!
  • Super cute!
  • Great for the environment
I have no doubt that we all want what is best for our babies, but we often doubt our own instincts as mothers and buy into they myth, "I can't do this", "It's gross", "good for you, but this is NOT for me",  while those are valid excuses reasons for resisting, they are not the truth about modern cloth diapers.  Join us this November for more informative blog posts, and our class on November 23rd at 2:00PM.  To register for the event, click on the #schoolofcloth facebook event page here.  
And while you are patiently waiting for November 23rd to come, why not check out all of the wonderful #clothdiaper resources the RDA (Real Diaper Association) has compiled?  Check out some stash recommendations here!

PS:  For those of you book wormy mommies out there, I HIGHLY recommend Kelly Wells Changing Diapers book.  This is an awesome resource on cloth diapering!

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