Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Rumparooz Destiny - Most Beautiful Cloth Diaper Print

The Rumparooz Destiny *NEW* cloth diaper print is one of the most beautiful, feminine prints I have ever seen!  It is just so gorgeous with it's red, black, and white birds and almost tattoo-like patterns.  We have to give it up to Rumparooz lately, they are really stealing the show when it comes to their prints and new releases.  It's no wonder, their founder as experience in graphic design.  It totally shows.  Starting with the release of Unity, the print with the bees, Kanga Care has been updating their prints, retiring some old ones and starting fresh.  So here is a long-awaited preview of the new Destiny print by Kanga Care.

The Destiny Pocket Diaper
We usually don't use many pockets in our household, due to stuffing with one exception- Rumparooz.  These soft-as-a-cloud diapers work fantastically for breast fed babies and the inside is just perfection with the double gussets, here is a picture of the Rumparooz Destiny:
Rumparooz Destiny Pocket Diaper
Destiny Lil Joey
If you have a brand newborn or a preemie, the Destiny Lil Joeys may be more your speed, they are truly gorgeous on a young baby, check out the Destiny print of the tiniest of diapers:
Lil Joey Destiny
Destiny Wet Bag and Pail Liner
It doesn't stop there because this gorgeous print was also released in a wet bag version as well as a pail liner, these are great as an addition to the diaper so that you can match to baby's bum (who doesn't want to see that??!!)
Destiny Wet bag

Destiny Pail Liner     
For those of you mamas on a budget or if you just love to use prefolds or inserts, Kanga Care has you covered.  They also released the Destiny print in a one-size diaper cover.  We love to pair our Rumparooz diaper cover with our fitteds actually when we are on the go,  because of the tummy panel elastic, this cover is awesome over cute fitteds or just with some prefolds or inserts.  And I also love the black trim around the outside edges of the diaper, very nice touch!
Destiny One-Size Cover   

We absolutely love the new Rumparooz/Kanga Care collection, but Destiny absolutely takes the cake when it comes to our favorite print!   This print is gorgeous for any baby and would look fabulous for outings our picture ops!  A+ Kanga Care!

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