Thursday, May 28, 2015

Applecheeks Irrelephant and Parade *NEW RELEASE*!!!
I LOVE Applecheeks...did you see that LOVE was capitalized???  They have outdone themselves with this new series of prints!  We are in LOVE with Parade and Irrelephant!  These sweet Elephant prints have little mama elephants and baby hugging one another by the super sweet!  It's so exciting to open a box of these adorable prints and find such sweetness inside!  The indian-inspired elephants are just perfect for these Applecheeks!
The Applecheeks Parade is the more "girly" diaper, through it is truly gender neutral if you ask me.  It has bright pinks, orange, green and yellow elephants on a white background.  The Applecheeks Irrelephant has dark blue, light blue, teal, and yellow elephants, which are just great.  Also a gender neutral color as I can see this cute little diaper peaking out of a cute navy cute!                   
GreenPath Baby has both of these in stock and ready to ship, we are so glad that we were able to take part in the wonderful release party on facebook, it was truly so much fun!  We are in love with Irrelephant and Parade!  What an awesome pair!

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