Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Tula Baby Carrier Release May 2015 - Tula Brave and Fletcher

It has been an exciting month at GreenPath Baby HQ.  Almost every single week, our store has released a new batch of Tula baby carriers and this week is no different.  We expect that this release is going to be super exciting because we are introducing two brand new Tula carriers- Tula Brave and Tula Fletcher.  I love these two carriers because they couldn't be more different than one another.  The Tula Brave is a camo themed carrier that is great for dads and military families.  It was also brought to my attention that the Tula Brave is the new release in the third millitary-themed carriers done by Tula Baby Carriers.  The Carriers are as follows:  Tula Hero - Marine, Tula Brave - Army, Tula Fleet - Marine.  I love that Tula supports our Military families by honoring them with these beautiful carriers!

The other release this week was the Tula Fletcher.  This arrow print comes at the heel of Archer which was a re-release of "Arrows" both featuring a gray arrow print with yellow hood and leg padding.  Fletcher is unique because the color of the arrow panel is blueish and the rest of the canvas is dark blue/navy.  This is a gorgeous adaptation on the arrow Tula concept.
Tula Fletcher

We are very excited for this week's Tula releases.  As always, GreenPath Baby stocks Tulas almost every single week so stay tuned for more great Tula Carriers!


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