Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Tula Ring Slings, Pipeline, Tourmaline, Iceland, and Hanalei
We are such big fans of Tula's Soft Structured carriers, but this well it's all about the ring slings!  Tula just released some of the most beautiful ring sling designs this week and we couldn't be more excited!  The surf and sand inspired theme is really a hit, especially with mamas like us (in Florida) or anywhere near the beach!  Though Tula released a entire line of wrap conversion ring slings, we will focus on a few of their best designs.

Tula Surf Hanalei Wrap Conversion Ring Sling:
I love the colors on this ring sling, the teal and purple hues are amazing on virtually every skin one on earth.  The Surf Wrap conversion series also feature a modern wave design that is both representative and abstract at the same time, creating a pattern that is not overtly "kiddyish" but sophisticated yet playful. 

Tula Voyage Iceland Wrap Conversion Ring Sling:

Another winner right here folks, the amazing teal/blue contrasting with the white is beautiful.  The birds flying are just amazing without being overtly "birdy".  Such a gorgeous print, the Tula Voyage Iceland has a very beachy and breezy feel, and these colors are spot on representing the mood of this gorgeous summery ring sling.

Tula Surf Tourmaline Wrap Conversion Ring Sling:

I think this may be my favorite Tula Ring Sling to date, the beautiful gradation running through the waves create a soft feel.  The quiet creamy colors also add tot he gorgeous peaceful and tranquil feeling of this ring sling.  One thing to not also in the gold aluminum rings, setting a great contrast between the quiet colors of the Tourmaline ring sling.

Tula Surf Pipeline Wrap Conversion Ring Sling:
Perhaps the most playful ring sling in the bunch, the Tula Surf Pipeline is again part of the wave pattern with two different colors running through it.  For you Tula nerds, this reminds me of the Lorelai Anthias with the teal and purple/bluish colors going through the main design.  This Tula ring sling again features that beautiful wave pattern with 3 colors, the white background, teal and purple waves.  Very gender neutral, very summery, it's like a breath of fresh air.

If you are not familiar with the Tula ring slings, they are all made from Tula woven wraps and are made from 100% cotton.  These new ring slings do not have the Tencel blend as the previous run of Tula ring slings did.  These are all medium weight wraps, about 270 +/- 30 gsm, thick enough to be supportive but not sweltering hot.

All of us here at the GreenPath Baby headquarters are absolutely head over heels over this elegant collection.  It's perfect for summer and just right for the mama who loves pattern but isn't a fan of the rainbow look.  I love that these wraps are representational yet abstract enough to leave some room for the imagination!  We hope you will love them as much as we do!

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