Wednesday, September 16, 2015

BumGenius LOVE *New Release*

As I am sitting down and watching a movie with the kiddos right after dinner I get a frantic text!  "BumGenius LOVE is here!!! Have you seen it?"  What??  Nope, and when I do I am immediatly in love (haha) with this diaper!  It is so cute.  I love the message, and everything it stands for!  It's so awesome to have diapers that mean something, but better yet, so awesome to have one about LOVE, the most important thing ever!  It celebrates unity and togetherness and who doesn't want that?
As with all the releases, the BumGenius LOVE comes in the usual suspects, our favorites are the 4.0 (Pocket), Freetime and Elemental.  Here are some awesome pics to show YOU what love looks like!
BumGenius LOVE 4.0 (Pocket Diaper)

BumGenius LOVE 4.0 (Pocket Diaper)

BumGenius LOVE Freetime (AIO Stay-Dry Diaper)

BumGenius LOVE Elemental (AIO Organic Cotton Diaper)

BumGenius LOVE Flip (Diaper Cover)

GreenPath Baby has the BumGenius LOVE up for pre-order, they will be shipping the end of next week!  We are so glad that this awesome new print has come out!  We love the message of the BumGenius Love and I can't wait to share bum shots with these gorgeous diapers!